Case Studies

Brainome's Daimensions™ allows multiple industries to save time and money with optimized machine learning models that are human readable. Our measure-first approach allows you to estimate costs prior to building models. Read our case studies or get in touch to create a case study with us.

Case Studies

Find the key genes expression out of 21,000 for ovarian cancer diagnosis

Audio Study

Build an Audio detector using 10 neurons in less than 1 day

Find the Needle in the Haystack

Best in class algorithm identifies quickly the features that are critical to your problem and therefore accelerates feature engineering.

First measurement-based solution

A science-based approach to understanding your data and ultimately, eliminating trial and error from machine learning.

The Smallest Models in the Industry

Custom built models measured in kilobytes allow for fast training and easy deployment on any hardware therefore, saving time and money.

Democratized Machine Learning

Above all, an easy to use flow and transparent process empowers all professionals with machine learning.

Do you have enough data?

A measurement process provides insights into your data quantity and quality, therefore assessing the likelihood of success in building a predictor.

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