Brainome Data Compiler

Brainome is the world’s first data compiler for solving supervised machine learning problems.


Training is 100 times faster.

Models are 1000 times smaller.

Handle data sets of any size.

Run locally and keep your data private.

Self contained models that are 100% portable.

Customers choose Brainome when they:

Regularly train & deploy thousands of models.

Don’t want to be locked into a single cloud vendor.

Want their data to stay local & protected.

Value our flat-rate, unlimited use
pricing model.

Brainome is a data compiler

Just like Software Compilers translate source code into binary code...

Source Code
GNU C Compiler
Binary Code

... a Data Compiler translates data into predictive models.

Data Set
Data Compiler
Brainome Inc.

Brainome treats data as its “source code”

Features and Requirements:

Input Data Set

  • CSV Format
  • One column must contain the class labels (target column)
  • Cell values supported: strings, floats, integers
  • No pre-processing necessary
  • No limit on number of rows or columns
  • Unlimited number of classes. 100 instances per class recommended for best results.
  • Support for unbalanced data sets
  • Support for sparse data sets
  • Support for missing value data sets

Model Creation

  • Select from Random Forest, Neural Network, Support Vector Machine and Decision Tree models
  • Measurement driven building process for optimum model size and speed
  • Produces very small models, often kilobytes in size; 2 to 3 orders of magnitude smaller than models produced by other tools
  • Stand-alone python executable that requires only Numpy
  • Written in clear text Python code (easily committed to your Git repository) GPU not required to run model


  • Model Generalization
  • Memory Equivalent Capacity
  • Attribute Ranking
  • Risk of Overfit
  • Data Sufficiency


  • Brainome can be scripted from the command line
  • Brainome measurements are encapsulated in JSON or plain text