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BTC User Account and Licenses

BTC is installed with a free demo license. You can start using it immediately without a user account.

License Types

Demo License

BTC is installed with a default demo license that allows you to create models from data files with up to 20,000 rows, 100 attributes and 100MB in size. This demo license can be used for non-commercial applications and evaluation purposes only.

Evaluation License

BTC can handle millions of rows and columns. You can contact us at to request an evaluation license. Your evaluation license can be used for evaluation purposes only.

Commercial License

Contact to purchase a commercial license. Commercial licenses allow unrestricted use of the models created with BTC.

Installing your license

If you have a user account, the license can be installed by entering the user account and password from the command line as follow:

Please login on user email:
Password: *************
Brainome Table Compiler v1.000-289-prod
Copyright (c) 2019-2021 Brainome, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Licensed to:                     John Doe  (Professional)
Expiration Date:                 2021-12-12   236 days left
Maximum File Size:               30 GB
Maximum Instances:               unlimited
Maximum Attributes:              unlimited
Maximum Classes:                 unlimited
Connected to:            (local execution)

        btc LOGIN

Start Time:                     04/20/2021, 15:49 PDT

        User logged out home.
        User logged in.

Docker image btc-johndoe:latest updated successfully.

Note that the new license limits will be displayed.

Expired license

If your license has expired, you will be prompted for a new login/password when btc starts. You can also revert to the demo license as indicated below.

Revert to Demo License

Logout successful

Recover or change your password

You can recover or change your password using the following link:

Other Issues

Please contact if you have any questions.