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Brainome Table Compiler (BTC) Docker Installation

BTC Docker works on macOS, Linux and Windows 10.
BTC Docker runs locally and does not upload any data.  

Before you start

There are a few requirements to get BTC Docker running on your computer.

  • Python3 must be installed. On macOS and Linux, this should come standard with your distribution. On Windows 10, we recommend installing python3.8 from the Windows App store.
  • The python libraries numpyscipy and multiprocessing installed on your computer to run the predictors you create with BTC.

Installing on MacOS, Linux or Windows 10

Open a terminal on your computer and run the following command to download the install script from our repository and install the BTC docker image on your computer:

macOS, Linux

curl -fsSL -O; bash

Windows 10 (PowerShell)

curl -o setup.bat ; .\setup.bat

Windows 10 (Command Prompt)

curl -o setup.bat && .\setup.bat

The script proceeds to download and install the btc docker image. Depending on your connection speed, this can take up to 10 minutes.

NOTE: On Linux and macOS, you will need to provide your administrator password.

Brainome Table Compiler Docker Setup (c) Brainome 2020-2021

OS detected: Ubuntu (20.04)

This script requires admin permission to create and edit
the installation directory /usr/local/brainome

Do you wish to continue [Y/n]? : y

Downloading btc-docker … Done
[sudo] password for demo:

Downloading docker image

Updating brainome/btc_local_cpu:latest
latest: Pulling from brainome/btc_local_cpu
004f1eed87df: Pull complete
5d6f1e8117db: Pull complete
48c2faf66abe: Pull complete
… lines removed …
e25ae9ad2ff2: Pull complete
e439b0734601: Pull complete
2e01fa75012a: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:176a7783a518a9b27443c7f9d7f62dfdb8a75b9a5166245aa2d2e67e75bca5d0
Status: Downloaded newer image for brainome/btc_local_cpu:latest
Docker image btc-demo:latest updated successfully.

Installation of btc docker was successful.

Verify your installation

IMPORTANT: If this is your first time installing BTC, close the current terminal and open a new one for the path update to take place.

You can verify your installation by typing the following command:

btc -version
btc v1.000-289-prod

BTC has been successfully installed. You are ready to build your first model!