Compact Explainable Models

Watch the recording of Benefits & Applications 5: Benefits of being a compiler: simple ops, ubiquitous deployment, explainability. Brainome’s Daimensions™ is a compiler that takes in data and puts out predictors that are compact, standalone (Python) code. Learn how this makes explainability so much easier with Brainome than with other machine learning approaches because a compiler dramatically simplifies machine learning operations and deployment.

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Meet the speakers

Bertrand Irissou

Bertrand is CEO at Brainome. Furthermore, he is a serial tech entrepreneur who previously founded two successful companies: Asic Advantage Inc. and Audeme.

Lin Chase

Lin Chase is an experienced executive with an extensive track record in the successful development and delivery of artificial intelligence technologies in complex business environments. Lin earned her PhD in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon in 1997.