Solve machine learning
problems with Zero code

The first Data Compiler that automatically solves supervised machine learning problems with repeatable & reproducible results.

Highly accurate modeling,
efficient deployment

Introducing the first Data Compiler

The fastest and easiest path from data to model


A single command builds your machine learning model.


Automatically measures your data to build the most compact and accurate model from labelled data.


Builds and runs on your machine or in your cloud. Keep control of your data and your model.


Creates small, self-contained, hardware independent Python models.

Measure and improve the learnability of your data


Brainome measures how learnable your data is. And helps you to IMPROVE the learnability.

Brainome Learnability

Accuracy vs Generalization

Brainome creates machine learning models that are both accurate AND general.

Brainome Accuracy

Brainome in the news

Fuse - A Fireside Chat with The CTO and co-founder of Brainome - Dr. Gerald Friedland

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